Sometimes Giving Up Works Like A Charm

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It has been said that those who quit are losers.


Depending on the situation.

If you’ve done everything, yet it still did not work, might as well give up and come back once you have regained your energy to try again.


You can startanew with anything else to try with.

After all,

Life is all about uncertainties.


Why cage yourself to only one dream?

We only got 24 hours everyday!

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Our time is limited.

Are we investing it into something worthy?

Something that can shape us into a better being?


Are we just waiting for nothing?

Sitting and begging to God to do all the mercy?

We only got 24 hours every single day.

But why is it that somebody is successful despite his/her situation?

Why is the person earning more money than us?

Why can we not have the kind of life like them?

The logic is simple.

They spent hours and hours in training.

They always better themselves every single day.

They work hard until they perfected it.

So, instead of being bitter and envy,

Why not try to change your mindset?

Focus on your goals. 🙌

Keep going. 👊

Don’t stalk other’s life ’cause you don’t know how much they devoted their time and effort just to give their family a better & good life.

So, how about you?

What kind of life are you really pursuing?

Comment below! 👇

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This is an event in our lives where it teaches us a lot of lessons that we could carry along the way.

Through absence…

You appreciate the worth of a person.

You realize the value of education.

You understands the situation.

Whatever that is, gone is something that hurts us. That compels us to make up for the person we loved. The thing that drives us to study and work hard. And most of all, that teaches us what is meant by being just a human.

All of these things happen for a reason and that shouldn’t be ignored nor neglected.

It needs to be treasured and valued for we cannot turn back time.

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