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This is an event in our lives where it teaches us a lot of lessons that we could carry along the way.

Through absence…

You appreciate the worth of a person.

You realize the value of education.

You understands the situation.

Whatever that is, gone is something that hurts us. That compels us to make up for the person we loved. The thing that drives us to study and work hard. And most of all, that teaches us what is meant by being just a human.

All of these things happen for a reason and that shouldn’t be ignored nor neglected.

It needs to be treasured and valued for we cannot turn back time.

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Speed of Light

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Success is also like that.


It immediately comes to you


But without proper care,

Everything will vanish in just a

snap of a finger.

So while you are at the top,

savor and embrace it.

Nothing lasts forever, so make use of

resources and time.

You’ll never know when your time has arrived. ☝

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Ray of Sunshine with a Twist

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It is always good to have company who always brings happiness in our lives.

They are the life of the party.

Who never fails to make us laugh and smile.

But life is a mixture of happiness and sadness.

Life is boring without a twist!