Not Everything You Asked Can Be Freely Given To You

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I hate to say this,


Most people are so used to asking a lot from others.

And sometimes, they are some kind of people who wanted everything to be free.

Are they insane or what?

They feel as if everything needs to be given freely just because


They are your family or relatives.


They are acquainted to you.


Probably the worst of all,

You are well off enough than them.

So, why choose to be frugal over them when you have so much?

Am I correct?

I Can Carry Heavy Objects, But I Cannot Grip! Can You Relate?

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When I was a little girl, I am proud to say that I can carry heavy objects.

But not until I was challenged by a bottled water or any objects that needs a strong grip for it to open.

I felt bad each time I struggle in opening an object, most especially if the sealed is too tight!

Do you feel me?

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