Blogging 101: Does scheduled post works?

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Due to our busy schedule, this feature helps us achieve a sense of productivity.

But here are the things that you need to consider first.

⁃ Giving yourself a deadline helps you to become productive. However, know that if you craft is still not good enough…better delay it than criticize your work for your negligence.

⁃ Do not also post just for the sake of being active. Only post once you are done proofreading. I often say this thing, do not underestimate the essence of having a content or a substance.

⁃ Do not copy anyone’s work. Always remember that you can only stand out from the crowd if you choose to be original.

This is the reason why I do not read all bloggers’ work in fear of copying their style for writing.

You can get some help or gain some insights, but never let yourself to be somebody else. Let the people admire you for who you are.

But here’s the heartbreaking truth…

Not everyone will like about what you post. You can recommend your blog, but never force them to read everything. Accept that all of us have different interests in life and that, having few readers is enough especially when you are new to this field.

Just don’t stop blogging for whatever that interests you and make sure that it is worthy of their time.

If you want to build a strong and long lasting connection to your readers, just try to be as interesting as possible. Ask them about what’s on their mind or how they feel about it. In that way, they wouldn’t feel that you are just talking to yourself and avoiding people to react on your work.

And remember, there’s always room for improvement. So be open to constructive criticism and not from any forms of bashing.

Thank you for reading my short post and God bless! I hope you will be able to post with all honesty and not only for the sake of gaining more viewers.

If you were able to read everything…

What has been the most challenging part when you were just a newbie in the field of blogging?

Happy weekend, guys! Feel free to comment below. Stay healthy and keep safe. Gracias!

Choose Your Own Struggle

You see, blogging is no different from working full-time especially if you are the only one managing your own blog.

The burden is all yours.

The struggle of promoting.

Thinking of what blog post to make.

How you want your website to look like.

It was never easy doing everything alone.

You might ask someone to do other things for you due to other work demands. Unfortunately, no one is willing to work for you without salary or wage. Not unless they are up for some kind of public service. But you see, nothing is permanent. One day they will come to you and sue you for not giving anything in return. In short, if you cannot compensate them, let’s just take things slowly.

Blogging is honestly not about rushing, but rather all about writing that has content and not just making your readers waste their time for nonsense stuff.


But one thing is for sure!

If you choose a career that is from your own will, it is possible and easy for you to endure the pain of working than pretending to love a job you have no interest with.

Isn’t it true that what makes us happy are the things we desperately want to achieve.

So, I’ll end my post by a question…

What struggle is worth having for you?

Thank you for reading my blog post, RT Peeps and may you have a blessed & productive day ahead.

Not All Are Great Writers

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I was reading a new kind of book again, which tackles stress cycle.

But along the way,

I’ved realized that the author didn’t write professionally.

The author just have the threshold to speak up to the world for he mastered a particular topic.

Though, I am quite disappointed with the way he writes…

I still recognize the depth of his book.

Maybe, the author just need to take some writing class to make his book even better.

Mind you,

The substance is there already.

It just needs to be enhanced to deliver his point rightly.

Just to be fair,

I never said or considered myself as a great writer.

I am just saying that my kind of writing is quite better than the author…

For I proofread every post that I share with you all.

As much as possible, I avoid redundancy.

Instead of saying the same thing over and over again…

I try to be more direct, so I could be easily understood by people.

If you’re into substance, well that’s a good news!

For you’ll be learning a lot from the author.

But, if you’re also into excellence of writing…

Then, I’m afraid to tell you that the author is lacking on that area.

I guess, that’s all I could say for now.

I just hope that this author will take writing more seriously.

How about you? Can you recall some authors that weren’t really a great writer?

Please comment below.


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A Must Read To All Bloggers Out There

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Hello, Fellas!

I know and I completely understand of what is meant by being a blogger.

It’s hard.

It’s very challenging.

It is sometimes annoying.

And depressing.

That is why,

It’s hard to let go some piece of our writing.

Isn’t it true?

That after putting all your thoughts into words, you end up erasing portion of it in fear that your topic will be somewhere else.

I know, all of us have experienced something that we have already written.

But along the way, we’ve realized that though it was well-written, somehow it felt like it was no longer aligned or connected to our topic.

Or worst,

We somehow find ourselves speaking to another thing.

It took me some time to do it.

But later on, I appreciate that kind of habit.

For the fact that, my piece of writing becomes more direct without prolonging of what my topic is really all about.

Cannot Sleep Due to Mental Diarrhea

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This usually happens when I cannot stop writing.

Our brain is so active and alive to the point that you cannot think of sleeping in desperation to write something nice.

I honestly, could write as many topics as I could.

However, I also would like to add more depth in each of my topic.

I want more quality and not just quantity alone.

That is why, I don’t publish it right away. I set a schedule for every of my blog post so I could have some ample time to do some research.

But along the way, I have realized that the best learning that you can ever share to all the readers out there is more on the output-based where in, you get to experience it firsthand.

That is something that you don’t learn from the book or even on the internet, but rather you learned it from the heart, from the experience you have gone through.

To tell you honestly, while I was writing this blog post, I just searched something and in just a few seconds, it’s gone.

Auto saved didn’t work again this time.

But no worries, ’cause I don’t have a ghost writer. 😆

That is just the advantage when you are really the writer of this blog.

You can write it down again this instant. Though, I am still frustrated that some of it, I can hardly even recall the exact words.

So lesson learned guys, don’t rely to an auto saved feature. Save it first if you feel like opening some other apps.

By the way, I have no sleep yet. Maybe I’ll just take a nap before I go to work. Lol.

The good thing is that, I had a deep sleep in the afternoon, so I still have the energy to write as much as I could.

Well, good morning & good night, guys!

By the way this is a scheduled blog post, but the real time I’ve finished this blog post is, 2:00 am sharp. 😂

I hope you enjoy every blog post that I published and please give me a comment if there’s a need to add something on my blog.

I am open for any suggestions, so as long as it is possible with my schedule. 😅

Gracias! 💛

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A Last Minute Edit

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Are you like me, who is also fond of last minute edit?

Please don’t get me wrong,

It’s not actually cramming.

Cramming is simply doing everything all at once.

Anyways, I honestly have this kind of habit that though I already checked each of my blog post for several times…but when the scheduled post is about to come out, I review it again. 🙈

Like what I’ve said in my previous post,

I am not aiming for perfection, but rather for excellence. 🙌

If I could maintain a minimal error or zero error, then that’s good thing to know. 👌

It will let my readers that I always double check and review my work intensively before publishing it.

However, we are all just humans.

No matter how much we avoid it, error or mistake is absolutely inevitable! 😭💔

So I ‘ll take this moment to apologize to everyone who recently received a “Food Poisoning” blog post of mine via email.

I honestly accidentally hit the “publish” button and not the “view” button.

I’m really sorry about that. 😢

It’s not supposed to be out yet. 💔

You could tell that there’s a lot of errors simply because I am still in the midst of brainstorming and at the same time, editing.

So again, I’m really sorry to disappoint you all, RT Peeps!

I’ll be more extra careful next time. 🙏

That’s all! ☺

Thank you so much for the continuous love, support and most of all, understanding. ✨

That is really something I am truly grateful for. ❤

Again, Happy 100 followers and counting, RT Peeps! 🙆💯😍

God bless you all and keep safe everyone, especially now that it is already a rainy season.

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Hunger Strike

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For me, this mostly happens when you’re so focused to what you are doing.

Most especially, when you’re studying or even writing without a pause.

I honestly always feel hungry whenever I write promptly.

I guess, I have consumed all the energy from what I’ve eaten few hours ago.

I felt like I already did some body workout that easily made me so hungry.

Well, the buttom line of this blog post is that…

When you are at the height of writing, you somehow refuse to eat in fear that you might lost not just the idea, but also the enthusiasm to write.

So, you write down everything without you even realizing that…

You’ve been writing nonstop for an hour or two.

You deprived yourself from eating in exhange of mental diarrhea.

So, let’s go hungry first before we reward ourselves with foods. Lol!

Image: Giphy

After all, not everyday we are able write for straight hours, so it isn’t a bad decision to choose writing over eating. 😂

How about you?

How do you make yourself hungry?

Is it by being productive or by just procrastinating?

Comment below!

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Mental: Diarrhea & Constipation

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Did you know these terms?

If yes, come back some other time for my other new blog posts.

Kidding aside,

I just discovered these terms many years ago and these terms are most commonly used by writers.

And it goes this way.

Mental diarrhea is oftenly used when all the ideas are coming in just one sitting.

They just can’t help, but to write as many words as they can for as long as the thought is there.

So whatever that comes to mind,

They hurriedly write it down.

In short,

It doesn’t need a lot of work because it naturally comes out without you even forcing it.

On the other hand,

Mental costipation feels like you are stucked in one topic or two and you just don’t know how to begin with.

You tried so hard to stay focused, wishing that all the magic words will soon come out.

Image: From This Website

But not a single word ever did!

And that’s it!

Whether we are a writer or not,

We did experience it.

Didn’t we?

I hope I made myself clear and most of all, you enjoyed reading my blog post as much as I do.

Please do leave us a comment and share it with us your funny moments in experiencing these two.

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